6 Ways To Participate in SF Climate Week

SF Climate Week starts Sunday in the city, and our participation as individuals and companies is critical. 

Why? SF Climate Week (SFCW) is a decentralized climate gathering organized by and for the community to tackle the greatest existential threat of our time.

Presented by Climatebase, a leading hiring platform for climate organizations, the week is packed with diverse, multidisciplinary events where organizers and supporters working at the intersection of climate action and innovation can connect, exchange ideas, and foster climate solutions.

CANOPY will host a series of events in the spirit of Climate Week’s core pillars:

  • Optimism. We can’t create a better future if we don’t believe it’s possible.
  • Urgency. Let’s act now to catalyze real-world change.
  • Community. Diversity of thought generates resilient solutions.

Here’s How To Get Involved.

1. Register to attend events.

SF Climate Week is among the largest climate summits in the world, gathering more than 15,000 people and 350 organizations at hundreds of events, many family-friendly, listed in a centralized calendar.

SFCW begins on Sunday, April 21, with Women in Cleantech and Sustainability leading a Lands End Hike and Cleanup. Other events include Sharks of Alcatraz — Big Feed at Aquarium of the Bay, Artists X Climate at Conservatory of Music’s Opera, CA Attorney General Rob Bonta on Suing Big Oil, and The Oppenheimer Project: Roundtable on Nuclear Energy for AI and Data Centers.

Sign up to attend events here.

2. Organize An Event

You can actively participate in the Bay Area’s thriving climate ecosystem by being an SFCW event organizer. There’s no fee to host events, and you can decide if you need to charge an entrance fee to support your costs. To be included, your event(s) must fall within the dates of April 21-27, 2024, focus on topics related to climate, environmentalism, or sustainability, and bring people together in person. You might stage a panel, talk, or job fair. You can organize a hike, bike ride, or run, or host coffee, lunch, or a happy hour. Host as many events as you wish!

SFCW will market each event through its channels (website, social media platforms, newsletters, and blogs), and Climatebase will promote the calendar across its 100,000 newsletter subscribers, 35,000 LinkedIn followers, and 12,000 Twitter followers.

Register on the events platform Luma, add SF Climate Week as a co-host, and include the required registrant questions and SFCW boilerplate, and you’re on your way! 

The SFCW Event Submission Guide is here. Note: event submission will close sometime in early April.

3. Speak at Climate Week

As a community event, SFCW invites everyone interested in speaking to register. If you have insights, data, or a perspective you’d like to share, either as an individual or on behalf of a company or organization, fill out your details for the speaker database here.

SFCW is interested in learning about your climate solution or expertise, preferred speaking topics, whether you’d like to speak independently or as part of a panel, and your availability.

4. Volunteer

If you can’t host an event but want to donate your time and expertise, consider volunteering to help facilitate SFCW. All skills and interests are welcome: marketing, partner and university outreach, Government engagement, logistics, public relations, or media outreach—whatever you’d like to contribute! Perhaps you’re a dab hand at graphic design or have a photography or audio-visual production background. SFCW would love to hear from you! Volunteer slots start from less than an hour a week.

Register your interest in volunteering here.

5. Offer a venue

People need a space to gather. CANOPY is offering its coworking space for events throughout the week. You can check out our events here. We hope you can join us!
If you can offer your bar, restaurant, coffee shop, company space, theater, reception area, or any other venue, please share details, costs, availability, and capacity with photos with SFCW via this Airtable form.

6. Sponsor Climate Week

If you or your organization is interested in maximizing your impact at SF Climate Week on a broader scale, you can explore opportunities to become a sponsor of SF Climate Week by reviewing the Sponsorship Deck and reaching out to sponsors@sfclimateweek.org. As a sponsor, you are welcome to host virtual events while also playing a critical role in supporting the vitality of SFCW this year and beyond, as well as the revitalization of San Francisco as a hub for climate leadership and innovation.


If you have any questions or require additional support or information, please email SF Climate Week at sfclimateweek@climatebase.org.

To stay updated on SF Climate Week announcements, please subscribe to the SF Climate Week newsletter here, and follow news on LinkedIn, Twitter/X, and Instagram.