Coworking spaces as a business address

Short answer: absolutely. You can benefit from many of the perks of an office without paying out of pocket for space you don’t need.

What Is A Virtual Office?

We’re more online than ever: many products and services are digital; meetings and real-time collaborative work can be done remotely. That said, businesses still need a mailing address and space to meet in person from time to time.

A virtual office gives you many perks of a physical workspace, such as mail services and admin support. When offered within a coworking space, you benefit from meeting rooms, curated events, and opportunities to network and socialize, but at a much lower cost compared with maintaining a standalone office—a boon for entrepreneurs and fledgling startups, independent contractors and freelancers, and small businesses where teams work remotely.

Let’s look at the advantages!

A Prestigious, Searchable Business Address

A physical location somebody can view on a map, rather than a PO Box, will inspire confidence in clients, customers, potential hires, investors, and collaborators. The downside: an upscale physical office in a desirable locale can cost much more than your budget allows. A CANOPY Virtual Office gives you the first without the latter: we offer ready-made addresses in the Bay Area’s most in-demand neighborhoods without the need to lease a space.

Hard-copy mail and package services

Businesses need a mailing address for registering their business or setting up an S Corp, LLC, or employee healthcare benefits, among myriad other needs. Perks of virtual offices are a business address where people can scan, forward, and open your mail if you choose, and fax or create digital files before shredding correspondence. (CANOPY offers this service free of charge to Virtual Office members.) Many virtual offices can provide mail-out services, for instance, if you’re deploying a mailer campaign or need to send your customers hard copies of documents. Having a business address that isn’t your personal address also helps you to separate work and home life while minimizing liability.

Flexible Access To Meeting Facilities and Conference Rooms

Zoom calls are great for connecting remotely, but there’s no substitute for meeting in person when you need to ideate, collaborate, and create and strengthen interpersonal bonds to move things forward quickly. CANOPY’s boutique, design-forward locations offer soundproof telephone booths for taking calls, ensuring conversations remain private and shared workspaces peaceful. Virtual Office members benefit from 24/7 access to reserve soundproof, glass-partitioned conference rooms equipped with the latest audio-visual technologies, whiteboard walls, and Herman Miller furniture. These spaces have flexible footprints and can easily accommodate teams for an offsite, pitch meeting, class or even a headshots photoshoot.

An optional on-call receptionist

Automated telephony can be a nightmare—screaming option numbers or “Representative!” repeatedly down the phone rarely resolves issues and is a surefire way to put anyone in a foul mood. AI has many applications, but sometimes we want to ask nuanced questions or explain a situation to a human being who can schedule a meeting, troubleshoot an issue, or peek in a physical cubby to see if a package arrived. CANOPY’s Virtual Office service includes a portable business phone number, notary services, and live answering.


Many coworking spaces plan regular cultural, educational, and just-for-fun programming. Recent CANOPY events have included a brand builder workshop and a Great Gatsby-inspired party. We’ve also hosted an evening with five female Nat Geo explorers and a Next Ventūres event with co-founders Lance Armstrong and Meg Strong and MD Julian Eison, a CANOPY member. Coworking spaces also invite their members to take the floor and engage during public or members-only events–another great way to share your company’s important work with your community and leverage the PR potential of presenting to a broad audience.

CANOPY’s Jackson Square and Menlo Park locations offer multi-use indoor and outdoor spaces with expansive communal work areas that can be reconfigured for a salon, presentation, or screening.

Social Interaction And Opportunities To Network

Working at home and in coffee shops is great, but sometimes, everyone needs a change of scenery and to engage with like-minded people. At coworking spaces, you can meet people in similar or adjacent sectors who can share how they solved a problem you’re currently experiencing. You can also mingle with potential investors and collaborators—an incidental conversation with an entrepreneur or creative firebrand at CANOPY’s coffee machine or barista-staffed bar might inspire new products or partnerships. And sometimes it’s just nice to chat, discuss the game, or share your plans for the weekend.

Certified B Corporation

Inherently Sustainable Operations

Coworking spaces like CANOPY offer turnkey memberships without independent overheads such as janitorial services and lighting and heating expenses. Because coworking spaces manage furnishings and amenities, there’s also no need to renovate or upgrade furnishings as your company evolves, minimizing waste. CANOPY is carbon-negative and committed to sustainability across all of its operations. In 2023, we offset 600 tonnes of carbon, equivalent to planting 10,000 trees or taking more than 100 cars off the road. We also became a B Corp™ certified, where the “B” stands for “Benefit for all,” denoting our high social and environmental impact standards.


Want to go behind the scenes at a CANOPY Virtual Office? Book your tour today! Our concierge team would love to meet you and show you around.