Member Profile: RESIN

The nimble and creative ad agency known as RESIN has long called San Francisco home, albeit second to their Marin County stomping grounds. When we opened our doors at the end of 2016, we invited Tim Paschke and his colleagues to claim a bit of territory under our newly built CANOPY in San Francisco. Always bustling and active within the space, this team focuses on creative journeys via branded campaigns in lifestyle, tech, healthcare and nance. We ask them how they define their sense of design thinking and how this place has faired as a new port of call for RESIN in 2017.


How do you define purpose by way of RESIN design?

We work with words and images to change behavior. That’s manifested by design and media. We’re big believers in the power of design, and CANOPY seems to share that vision with us.


What motivates you around the nature of design thinking, and for that matter what does it mean to be agile in your creative industry?

Design is still missing in a lot of people’s minds. To be the voice of design and how it can change conversations and a ect the business bottom line is exciting. Seeing trends and how ideas can be put together differently, and acting on that quickly makes Resin competitive. Agility means seeing something out in the wild and bringing it home to enlighten your thinking around a particular communication challenge.


How do you identify the most progressive elements of your work/agency?

We’re in the idea business. We generate concepts that keep our clients’ brands engaged with their markets. The market, by and large, has been groomed by better, newer, and brilliant design, a stronger visual language that smartly telegraphs points of difference and new ways of seeing what makes a brand important to their lives. If our work isn’t simple, fresh, and relevant it doesn’t go out the door.


What’s it like working in the neighborhood?

The heart of the Fillmore district is a fun place to have an office space. We feel connected to a bustling community, and it’s nice for clients. There’s a great bookstore right below us here, and it’s a treasure of new and old thoughts in one place.


What’s RESIN aiming for in the new year?

Like most any business we aim to grow, but with that growth we mean to be responsible to our current clients. Don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves. Most agencies our size have to deal with the “business of the business” and then make sure the ideas don’t su er. It’s a balancing act to be sure, but it’s what we do. Can the work get better? Always.