How to convince your company to send you to TED AI

A guest post by CANOPY partner TED AI

TED AI is just a few weeks away, and we want you to join us at this once-in-a-lifetime event where the attendees are just as important as the speakers themselves. 

Familiar with the field of AI or not, you probably have thousands of questions about the profound implications of the AI revolution for both your personal and professional life. 

What is your own story in this new world of AI? You don’t know yet? It might be time to start writing it.

That is why this first TED AI conference has been designed: to give you the ability to interact, learn, and exchange with pioneers and trailblazers, leading innovators, industry experts, entrepreneurs, researchers, artists, and policymakers.

Why should your company send you to TED AI? 

These two days will feature talks, panels, workshops, and interviews on a wide range of topics by those building some of the major new AI systems and tools you’re hearing about and perhaps started to experiment or work with. What do they do? How do they work? What do you need to know? What are the big questions being asked, and how are they being addressed?

  1. Learn and Explore
    The learning curve is steep when it comes to generative AI. There is so much to learn and evolving very quickly!

    You might have heard of LLMs, transformers, diffusers, AGIs, baby AGIs, copilots, vector databases, eval, alignment, hallucinations, safety, transparency, bias chain of thought, short and long-term memory systems, model finetuning, model training, base models, fine-tuned models, parameters, temperature, system prompt, context injection, retrieval augmented generation, tokenizers—vectorization—embeddings, multimodality.

    What do all these terms mean? How relevant are they to equip you with pivotal knowledge that elevates you to make the right choices in your personal journey or in your organization? Join TED AI to find out!

  2. Connect and Exchange
    At TED AI, you’ll be surrounded by curious and innovative people like you seeking new experiences and understanding and who want to try new things. This could mean being exposed to new ideas and different perspectives and challenging some of your beliefs.

    TED AI is an immersive, open environment that can help you think more critically and creatively. By building connections with like-minded professionals, you’ll engage with those building the tools and learn from their experiences as they share insights on the latest trends and developments. The connections you will make at TED AI will not only help with your personal and professional development but also enable you to gain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced world.

  3. Ask and Apply
    On Day 1, immerse yourself in a series of TED Talks delivered by AI’s foremost thinkers and pioneers as you discover emerging voices in the field. You’ll learn from their work, aspirations, and profound insights underpinning their perspectives.

    Day 2 further elevates your experience with panels designed to sharpen your AI skills and expand your horizons. These sessions are enriched by TED AI speakers with theme-based discussions that foster direct engagement through interactive Q&A opportunities.

    Whether you’re a novice or seasoned in AI, ask your company to invest in yourself with both practical understanding from real-world applications and a glimpse into the exciting future trajectories of the AI landscape.

  4. Master the tools and understand what your industry is doing
    Attending TED AI is more than passive learning—it’s an immersive dive into the AI realm, where attendees resonate with groundbreaking insights from the sector’s leading figures. Each session encapsulates a passionate dedication to unveiling the latest in AI advancements, research, and innovation.

    But the real edge lies in staying ahead. Attendees don’t just receive knowledge; they set trends. With access to cutting-edge AI content, they position themselves at the vanguard, ready to harness emerging trends before they hit the mainstream. TED AI empowers its audience, giving them the foresight to shape the future and emerge as pioneers in a rapidly advancing tech landscape.

    TED AI represents an invaluable opportunity for you and your organization. By attending, you’re not just absorbing knowledge; you’re joining a community at the forefront of AI innovation, building valuable partnerships, and turning insights into actionable strategies. 

This event is essential if you’re committed to keeping a competitive edge in your field. Consider it not just an experience but a vital investment in your professional future. Arm yourself with the insights and connections to thrive in the dynamic realm of artificial intelligence.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to educate yourself on the next phase of AI.

Register here.