New Year, New Fitness Goals!

Photo by Equinox

Orange Zone Training, Megaformers®, and “Red Room” running—Here’s To More Ways To Crush It in 2024.

Not everyone’s a fan of New Year’s resolutions, especially commitments around working out—last year, luxe fitness brand Equinox banned new memberships on the first, stating “We don’t speak January” on social media. But this month’s spirit of new beginnings means it’s a great time for many to set health and wellness goals for the coming year, especially after holiday indulgences.

Here, our favorite gyms and programs within a short walk (or drive, when noted) of CANOPY locations. 



If you’re conflicted about whether gym memberships are worth it, Equinox offers a master class in seduction, from its avant-garde landing page videography to amenities like eucalyptus steam rooms and ribbed-wood-paneled spas. The brand—sister to SoulCycle and PURE yoga—operates Nine Bay Area locations offering classes, personal training, high-end studio pilates equipment, boxing gyms, and opulent facilities. There’s even a club within a club: at Equinox Sports Club San Francisco on Market, the brand’s elevated E by Equinox concept kicks things up with Tier X team coaching, specialized recovery therapies with a Hypervolt massage gun, nutrition planning, and elevated locker rooms. 


Bay Club

Skip the gym—join the club. Since opening in 1977 as the country’s first co-ed fitness center, the Bay Club’s sprawling multi-venue campus is further distinguished for its outdoor street-level tennis courts, rooftop spinning and workout space, and multiple heated pools with ocean views. Members enjoy top-notch sports club amenities—squash, basketball, pilates, group fitness—and plenty of opportunities to hang out. Programming includes kids’ clubs, after-school activities, parties, and events for members to socialize. 


Barry’s Bootcamp

LA-based celebrity trainer Barry Jay established his eponymous brand in 1998 with instructor-led group strength and cardio interval fitness experiences that combine running on Woodway treadmills and lifting weights to pumping music. Classes in the “red room” focus on a different muscle group each day: on Monday, it’s “arms and abs,” on Tuesday, the whole body gets put to work, emphasizing lower-body strength. No time to get to a class? A Barry’s X membership delivers the self-billed “best workout in the world” to you live and on-demand via the app. 


  • FiDi: 2 minutes from CANOPY FiDi; 12 minutes from CANOPY Jackson Square
  • SF Marina: 20 minutes from CANOPY Pacific Heights
  • Palo Alto: 9 minutes’ drive (30 minutes’ walk) from CANOPY Menlo Park.



Take advantage of the Bay Area’s phenomenal weather at LuxFit, an exclusively outdoor concept that offers personal training and group classes in Hayes Valley and East Cut. Fees are structured differently to most membership-based gyms and studios: LuxFit is a per-use facility, which means you’ll need a Facility Access pass to access the space and then pay a class or session fee directly to your trainer or instructor. Prices start at $30 for group classes and $25 for single-day Open Gym drop-ins (for those who want to use the facilities without a trainer). LuxFit supports individual trainers; personal training costs $100, with all fees going to your trainer.

  • Hayes Valley (432 Octavia, by Patricia’s Green): 30 minutes from CANOPY Pacific Heights (11 minutes’ drive) 
  • East Cut (200 Folsom): 16 minutes from CANOPY FiDi; 23 minutes from CANOPY Jackson Square.


Fleisher Tour Fit

Jennifer Fleisher is one of Golf Digest’s 50 Best Golf-Fitness Trainers in America and a golf fitness consultant for the University of California Berkeley Men’s and Women’s golf teams. She was a golfer before beginning her fitness training career, and for the past decade has combined both passions, offering in-person one-on-one and streamable golf fitness workouts. Jennifer can help you address the root cause of your swing faults, improve your flexibility, strength, and power, and eliminate any pain hindering you on the course. If riding horses is more your speed, Jennifer trains equestrians of all levels, specializing in competitive riders.

  • Jennifer is based in the Bay Area. Contact her to learn about Fleisher Tour Fit programs; follow Jennifer on Instagram.



Signature Pilates classes follow the Lagree Fitness® Method for effective, low-impact, high-intensity Megaformers® workouts that yield results in the shortest amount of time. Coach-led classes incorporate low movements to target slow-twitch muscle fibers, scientifically proven to burn more fat, and resistance training to build muscle strength. Continuous tension via spring resistance and constant engagement of your core on a moving platform will keep your heart rate elevated and push your muscles to maximum exertion as you burn 500 to 800 calories per class.

  • Lower Pac Heights: 12 minutes from CANOPY Pac Heights
    (More locations in Marina and Nob Hill districts)


Orange Theory

Named for the “Orange Zone,” zone four of the five heart rate training zones, Orangetheory workouts aim to keep your heart rate elevated to 84% to 91% for 12 to 20 minutes, boosting metabolism while burning fat and calories. Sessions incorporate strength training and cardio on a rowing machine and treadmill. Unlike high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which targets zone five, 92% to 100% of your total heart rate, you adjust your level of effort during the workout to stay in the orange zone.

  • Pacific Heights: 9 minutes from CANOPY Pacific Heights
  • Financial District: 8 minutes from CANOPY FiDi; 8 minutes from CANOPY Jackson Square
    (More locations in Mid Market, Fisherman’s Wharf)


The Pad Studios

More than 35 yoga classes are held weekly at this Marina District institution, encompassing vinyasa flow, satsang, restorative flow and sound healing, prenatal flow, and yin yoga modalities, taught in-studio and live-streamed. The Pad also offers yoga and various workshops and events. Defy gravity and explore the transformative world of inversions in the immersive workshop, “Elevate Your Practice: The Art of Inversion,” or “Reboot” with a 75-minute all-levels flow and upbeat music by DJ Ryan Lucero, followed by mocktails.

  • The Pad, 1694 Union St: 24 minutes from CANOPY Pacific Heights (6 minutes’ drive).


Amenities at Springline

Our Menlo Park members can stay on campus for best-in-class fitness and wellness. Relax between meetings by perfecting your swing at the golf simulator, chilling in the entertainment lounge, or sweating it out in the gym, equipped with the latest weights, resistance, and cardio gear. If your furry friend needs exercise, that’s an option, too—Springline’s dog park is an excellent spot for your daily ASMR dose or to throw some balls as you breathe, think, and ideate.