CANOPY conversations with member Cary Grant of PREMO media

Think of what Cable/TV keeps proffering against everything you can now stream through your computer or mobile device these days. The best quality content, and impact for that matter, is found right in the palm of our hands. Curated, and on demand, this is the brave new world of content and media that Cary Grant is a part of. Considerate of industry giants, the likes of Netlfix, HBO and VICE, Cary still knows there’s a ton of work to be created and distributed in this space. It’s more about distilling, nurturing an audience and understanding a greater cultural shift in the tide. He tells us more about his recent work via PREMO and what’s soon to come.


What motivates you, and keeps you driven within your industry?

For one, just the vast number of outlets and platforms in which consumers can now access video and editorial content. It’s inspiring to be a part of this era. The opportunity to produce original programs for our audience is also a big driving force at the moment.


What’s it mean to be agile in your field?

You have to be willing to adjust your business model in the digital media space. Technology and trends are constantly changing. You need to adapt to what your audience wants. Don’t take them for granted or assume you can force them to do something. Some companies tend to over-develop their product and not consider what the consumer wants.


Can you identify the most progressive aspect of your work?

Today, we as consumers are overwhelmed with information and content. And social media plays a bigger role in our lives as we are constantly connected. There is so much focus on the volume of content available from one source. We believe that less is more. Our company is trying to find, develop and promote content that has a longer “tail” to it, thereby focusing on the substance of a story, lm, or series and not just what’s trending. We believe this will differentiate us in our eld. Beyond that we focus on multicultural content for multicultural audiences. That in itself is progressive.


Where else does PREMO operate?

We are based in both San Francisco and Los Angeles. Our LA location is also in a new work-share space that is considered the one of the best places to co-work in Los Angeles.


How do natural light, ergonomics and the aesthetic factor into your work?

All the elements you just mentioned play into how much progress I make

in getting my work done. I work in a creative and visual business and the aesthetics are vital to my daily experiences, whether I am working alone or if I am meeting with business partners and clients.




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