CANOPY conversations with member Serena Schuler of Lipshtick Pictures.

Serena Schuler writes and produces comedy from a female perspective. If she’s not found typing away on her laptop, she’s likely to be caught in conversation, often expressive with her hands and body language. Currently she’s charged with telling the kind of stories that women (and, yes, some men) can relate to, given the chaos of planning for a wedding with friends and family. Serena thrives on comedic energy, and we see how her bright character gets channelled through her respective work. We sat down with her recently to talk more about the outlook for 2017, and some new goals that might require more biking to work — all in pursuit of that next-level sanity in life.


How do we frame the work you do here?

I write, direct, and produce female-led digital series and indie films. Recently, my series got picked up for distribution by a new comedy platform. Among other projects, I’m developing a comedic music video. Fortunately for all, I’m not the one singing.


I’m sure that voice is amazing. What keeps the motivation owing these days?

Digital entertainment is changing the lm and TV industries so dramatically, it’s incredible to be part of this evolution. Each day, I’m motivated by my amazing collaborators — there’s so much sheer talent in the comedy and filmmaking communities here in the Bay Area. Also, it’s unbelievable how quickly we can develop and distribute new content: no more gatekeepers.


How do you define the most progressive element in your work?

I find that simply telling stories from a female perspective is powerful. In the film industry, there is a long way we need to go to have true equality (as women) — which is why I write, direct, and produce female-led stories.

Where were you working before carving out your space here at CANOPY?

I was at Makeshift Society, which was an artfully created co-working space in Hayes Valley. The founder is a graphic designer, and it became a workspace for many creative types. It just closed, but I’m still in touch with many of my friends from over there.


What are the goals for 2017?

Safe to say I’m driven to create new content and further develop my craft as a storyteller. I also mean to get my act together and finally bike to work. I feel like commuter cycling is going to get me to the next level in life. You know?


Definitely. Thoughts on the neighborhood?

Yeah, it’s awesome to be able to walk to work. Foodwise, Troya is my jam. Order the lamb plate. Trust me.




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