Divine Your Story™ Workshop

As an expert in cultivating self-empowered joy through mindful storytelling in community, Eli Walker offers Happiness Consulting services for both companies and individuals. Using her original Divine Your Story™ teaching method, she teaches practical, intelligent wellness strategies for personal happiness and professional success.

First, you will be guided through an in-depth, step-by-step process to uncover truths about your personal and/or company’s “stories” that no longer serve. Then, you will be asked to think more expansively about your inherent power as the author of your own narrative(s), and acquire new techniques to cultivate joy.

Through this work, Eli will help you reconnect to your big-picture “why,” helping you to achieve your goals with a powerful, sustainable mindset rooted in joy and inter-connectivity.

Understanding that our physiology informs our psychology, Divine Your Story™ workshops use yoga philosophy, practical mediation techniques and theatrical devices to provide you with insight into your “character”–the character you play in your life, and the stories you’ve been unconsciously telling yourself about yourself.

Through introspective writing prompts, we work together to redesign your “life character” with a sense of purpose, and rewrite your personal narratives in more joyful directions.

You’ll leave your Divine Your Story™ workshop feeling empowered to connect with yourself and others with conscious authorship.

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2pm – 3pm




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