AI & the automation of moving goods and people


We’re currently seeing a trend in which the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are being pushed to the edge to solve major pain points in highly-fragmented industries such as transportation and logistics.

Come, meet our panel, and hear them talk about the challenges and opportunities of building a startup in this highly complex and dynamic ecosystem.


Matt Harrison, Head of AI, Metawave

Metawave is building a different kind of technology using Meta-Structures — structures capable of manipulating electromagnetic waves, outperforming traditional circuits. The company’s State-of-the-Art hardware is integrated with proprietary AI to embed human-like intelligence into its platform. Metawave delivers high-performance radars for safer, smarter and more connected autonomous driving.


Aaron Nathan, CEO, Point One Navigation

Point One Navigation is building a localization service accurate down to a few centimeters at a cost 100x less than existing solutions. Using proprietary sensor fusion algorithms between computer vision and satellite navigation data coupled with a network of sensors, the solution out performs inferior single sensor techniques and does so without the need for special hardware on the self-driving vehicle.

David Rodriguez, Head of Business Development, Kiwibot
Kiwiwbot is improving people’s lives with the world’s best delivery. Since the company’s start in 2017, it has made 30,000 deliveries, built over 150 robots, and now serves top colleges across the country. Thanks to cutting edge behavioral neural network, the Kiwibots are able to operate and interact with humans on sidewalks.
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