Build Your Dream Home

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The global pandemic has shifted how we all interact with our home environment and we’re betting many of those shifts will be permanent. Dreaming about your ideal home is a powerful way to explore the realities of what is possible so CANOPY, in partnership with Pembroke PR, has created a series to help you make those dreams a reality. How to Build Your Dream Team to Build Your Dream Home is a four-part series that will explore what you need to know before you start construction that saves so much time, energy and money and how to figure out if your idea is feasible from inception.

For our next event, our panelists Gregory Cook, CEO, Cook Construction; Steven Stept, of Feldman Architecture; Regan Baker, of Regan Baker Design, and Joseph Lucier, of Sotheby’s Realtor will also be discussing the Ultimate Dream Team. Our panelists will share what makes a team the ultimate dream team, and how they prefer to work when teaming up with other design leaders. Our moderator, Meghna Krishna Bondili, of Butterfly Voyage will be asking our panelists about their dream team projects they’ve been a part of throughout their careers. Dreams become reality with a project led by a collaborative, engaging and complimentary team, and our panel will share how it can happen for you.