Hyperinflation and Bitcoin

Hyperinflation and Bitcoin5

Join CANOPY and the Human Rights Foundation for an evening with four special guests: Zimbabwean opposition leader Evan Mawarire, Venezuelan activist Mariana Bernandez, Pale Blue Foundation CEO Jonathan Wheeler, and the Zcash Company’s Jill Carlson.


We’ll explore the recent monetary history of Zimbabwe and Venezuela and learn how and why the national currencies in these countries collapsed. You may have seen a 100 trillion dollar Zimbabwean note, or heard that a cup of coffee costs more than three million bolivares in Venezuela. But why? And what was life like for average citizens along the way? And, finally, how are people buying, selling, and investing now in these countries?


We’ll also hear from Jonathan Wheeler — who recently left Goldman Sachs to start a foundation aiming to airdrop bitcoin into Venezuela and other economies experiencing high inflation — as well as Jill Carlson, who is working with the Zcash Company to bring privacy preserving and decentralized technologies to those who need them most.


Why is there so much bitcoin activity happening in Venezuela today? How does it act as an escape valve from hyperinflation? And what are the challenges that it faces for increased adoption? Should we – and can we – scale bitcoin so that more and more people can use decentralized, censorship-resistant money on an everyday basis?




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