The Art of Business Storytelling


Join us for a storytelling seminar from world-class storyteller James Whittaker. It’s a noisy world. Even the best ideas and most innovative businesses can easily get lost. This seminar is about elevating your idea and business with the power of authentic, original stories.


Storytelling has been scientifically shown to be the best way to convey an idea and this is your chance to learn storytelling from a world-class storyteller. In this seminar, James doesn’t simply present the theory of storytelling, instead, he tells stories: about products, about businesses, about ideas. He then deconstructs those stories so you can learn how and why they work. Expect to be thoroughly entertained with authentic stories while you learn how to command a stage and turn an audience into a room full of believers. Whether you want to improve the story of your company, product or yourself, this course will help you master the art of a good telling.


A limited number of James’ book The Storyteller’s Spellbook will be supplied for attendees.




CANOPY Jackson Square


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