Renewable Rodeo

The NosTerra Catalyst Series

CANOPY Menlo Park

2 | 26 | 24

6.00 pm – 8.00 pm

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Saddle up with CANOPY and impact community NosTerra for Renewable Rodeo, an electrifying evening when we’ll uncover cost-effective routes to low-cost, abundant green energy.

What’s ahead for offshore wind? Is geothermal the best-kept secret – or a bunch of hot air? Can batteries unlock the sun’s power, or are they unnecessary?

Hosted by Ghazal Izadi (COO, XGS Energy, Geothermal) and Adam Stern (Executive Director, Offshore Energy California), this is a must-attend for investors, entrepreneurs, and policymakers committed to accelerating our energy transition. RSVP here.

Why Attend?

The Renewable Rodeo will corral thought leaders from the forefront of emerging energy industries — wind, battery, geothermal, and more — into a single arena. Together, we’ll tackle the pressing questions that define our quest for clean energy:

1.    Innovation: Which technologies hold the most significant promise for reducing the cost of green energy production?

2.    Regulation: What are the key regulatory challenges and opportunities in California, the U.S., and internationally that could accelerate or hinder our progress?

3.    Investment: Where should resources be directed today to unlock tomorrow’s energy solutions?

NosTerra’s Catalyst Series: A Convergence of Entrepreneurs

The NosTerra Catalyst Series is a live event, storytelling, and high-powered networking platform to catalyze cross-sector action, relationships, and investment. We convene experts and curate conversations to drive change in an urgent time frame.

Watch our stories, meet our thought leaders, and help catalyze an abundant green energy future.

See you there!