Sustainable Buildings with Eric Corey Freed


The way buildings are built today has remained relatively unchanged for nearly two hundred years. The $9 trillion a year global construction industry is responsible for nearly 60% of climate change emissions, a third of landfill waste and a shocking array of negative health effects. The majority of our buildings are unhealthy, energy hogging, high-maintenance disasters.

In this conversation with Eric Corey Freed, you’ll hear from one of the leading green architects in the country about new approaches to looking at health and wellness in buildings. Imagine if the architecture could trigger the release of certain brain chemistry, such as: Serotonin (to feel calm), Endorphins (to boost immunity), Oxytocin (to feel welcome), Dopamine (to feel motivated), or Norepinephrine (to increase focus). We now have the ability to illicit these responses and improve the experiences for everyone using this facility

Join us for the lively and thought-provoking discussion on how to look at our buildings in a new way.

Zoom link will be sent to you upon registration.

2pm – 3pm