Eco-Happy Hour Feat. TELO Truck

Earth Week Series

CANOPY Menlo Park – Springline Plaza

4 | 25 | 24

4.00 pm – 6.00 pm

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Come one, come all, as we celebrate Earth Week with an environmentally friendly happy hour in the Springline Plaza!

We’ll showcase TELO Trucks, revolutionary electric pickups that offer the same robust capabilities as a Ford F-150, paired with the exceptional range of a Tesla, packed into the compact size of a two-door MINI Cooper.

As government regulations have driven automakers to produce larger and larger trucks, the need for more maneuverable vehicles for city driving and weekend adventuring has been overlooked. CEO Jason Marks will demonstrate how TELO Trucks are tailored to fit urban spaces, reimagining city transportation while contributing considerably to mitigating the climate crisis.

Enjoy live entertainment and a hands-on repotting workshop with Nichelle Proctor, Founder of The Official Plant Queen, as she shares tips and tricks on rejuvenating plants, so they keep thriving.

You can drop off your old electronic devices at our e-waste drop-off station before picking up some delectable sustainable dishes, paired with biodynamic wines and other climate-friendly beverages!

Join us and more than one billion people worldwide in celebrating Earth Day, Earth Week, and Earth Month as we toast innovation, environmental stewardship, and the power of community. Together, let’s drive change for a better tomorrow!