The Great Oven: “Around an Oven, we find our Family”

CANOPY Menlo Park

6 | 7 | 23

6.00 pm – 7.00 pm

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The Great Oven Project

For the past four years, grassroots organization The Great Oven has harnessed the uniting power of cooking, art, and education by building giant community ovens and sending them to places of need–refugee camps, war-torn communities, and inner cities in crisis.

James Gomez Thompson and Beirut-born Nour Matraji created The Great Oven on the Lebanese/Syrian border to de-radicalize and bring together communities from two sides of a decades-long sectarian conflict. Led by world-renowned artist Shrine in collaboration with a group of former child fighters in Tripoli, the team converted an old sniper perch into a studio to decorate the first Great Oven together, adorning the entire front line of the conflict zone with street art and inspiring community feasts that became replicated across Lebanon. As Lebanon’s economy collapsed and citizens robbed banks for their money, one oven became seven, each capable of feeding 500 people daily.

Join us for a special one-off event with The Great Oven founder, James Gomez Thompson, where we will learn how the simple dignity in the ritual of preparing and sharing a meal can have a global impact.