Women, Wisdom, & Wellness

International Women’s Day Celebration

CANOPY Menlo Park

3 | 7 | 24

5.00 pm – 8.00 pm

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Women Wine and Wisdom 1

The next installment in our women-centric series, celebrating International Women’s Day, is an expert-led educational public event addressing women’s health.

Our moderator is Jennifer Nuckles, CEO and Chair of the Board of Directors at healthy buildings company R-Zero. Guest speakers include women’s health specialist and OB-GYN doctors Lizellen La Follette, Sara Vaughn, and Magdalena Makowska-Donajska, and Olympic champion and RYA Health CEO & Founder Jenn Heil. Light bites, wine, and handcrafted Potion mocktails will be served.

Join us for an engaging discussion of women’s health and well-being! The power of technology brings pioneering solutions for health improvement and women’s empowerment, and it’s happening right here. Come join us to learn more about the menstrual cycle, the impact of sex hormones on your fertility and professional activity.

Meet our Expert Participants, who are passionate about driving change in women’s health:

Jenn Heil

CEO & Founder of RYA Health, which offers tech-powered women’s health monitoring with a direct line to nurse practitioners via your smartphone.

Cimeran Kapur

Founder of tonic company Potion. Discover the profound impact of Ayurveda on the body’s capacity to heal and Cimeran’s journey from a life-threatening cancer diagnosis to creating health.

Sylvia Kang

Co-founder & CEO at Mira, that provides AI-infused health platform and hormone monitor (FDA/CE compliant), that supports hormonal health and fertility in women.

Anu Parvatiyar

CEO at Ananya Health, building a standard-of-care medical device to prevent cervical cancer in women around the world.

Kamila Staryga and Lizellen La Follette, MD,

Kamila and Lizellen are CEO and Medical Board Advisors at Rita Health, where their groundbreaking discovery of 102 infertility factors is now helping women to get diagnosed and conceive.

Svetlana Kazantseva

CEO and co-founder at The Strawberry Initiative, providing personalized, AI-empowered education platforms for women of all ages.

Meghan Van Metre

Owner of Menlo Park’s Barre3, offering a holistic and efficient workout that seamlessly integrates strength training, cardiovascular exercises, and mindfulness practices.

Medical Advisors

Sara Vaughn, MD, Ob-Gyn and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Specialist, and Magdalena Makowska-Donajska, MD, Ob-Gyn, both advocate for a holistic approach to women’s health.