Introduction To Human Design – How To Use Your Energy Correctly Right Now

Want to live with more flow, less resistance, and bring in more of what you want? Learn about your Human Design energy type and the way you are designed to exchange energy with the world. When you use your energy and exchange it correctly with the world around you, you can find your alignment, access your power, and play bigger. This session will also relate your human design type to some of the things you might be dealing with during this time, and let you know how you can navigate them. 

Stefania Romeo is the founder of Virra and an Empowerment Coach specializing in the science of Human Design. She’s hosting this session to teach you the fundamentals of Human Design, how to navigate your Energy Type (there are 5), and empower you for this time and what comes next. Then, you will be invited to open your voice with a virtual sound meditation, led by Serena Malkani.  This experiential exercise combines vocal techniques with breathwork and will help keep your vibrations high and immunity strong. 

Once you register, we’ll send you a link to pull your unique energy type to bring to the call.

2pm – 3pm




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