San Francisco Locations

CANOPY Jackson Square
Our flagship Jackson Square coworking location in San Francisco hosts our most significant community workspaces, offices, and conference rooms over two floors of indoor-outdoor space. Our open-plan area, where we host most wellness experiences and salon talks, includes a lounge furnished with 1970s-inspired Herman Miller lounge seating and a barista-run cafe adjoining heated terraces overlooking the Transamerica Building. Jackson Square is renowned for its high-end boutiques and restaurants and steeped in history: CANOPY’s colors are inspired by the century-old emerald green of Francis Ford Coppola’s Sentinel building across the street, and the pale pink exterior of City Lights Bookstore, nearby.

CANOPY Pacific Heights
Our first location in San Francisco’s historic Pacific Heights neighborhood offers thoughtfully designed, natural-light-flooded coworking workspaces which bridge the gap between working from home and corporate offices. Surrounded by high-end boutiques and elevated dining options, CANOPY Pacific Heights’ private offices and open-plan workspaces are connected through geometrical themes, soothing shades of purple and gray, and our members’ desire to collaborate. Book a tour to discover this inspired workspace just from your front door.

CANOPY Financial District
Our five-story FiDi location offers full-floor private workspaces and open spaces. Diverse office floor plans accommodate individuals seeking private space to deeply immerse in their work and growing teams who require flexibility as they expand. A wealth of natural light, individual temperature control, and soundproof glass walls ensure members benefit from complete comfort and privacy. CANOPY FiDi is located in SF’s commercial center, three blocks from BART. Stop by to experience how this convenient location can elevate your workday and ease of connection.