Member Spotlight — Kathryn Duryea Wyndowe of Year & Day

The rules of eCommerce have changed, and for every significant player in this digital space, a few things hold true in starting a great brand from the ground up. For one, a point of view is essential to define a desirable product and identify a clear opportunity in the market. Second, create and illustrate value where you can. Tell the world what you care about. And ultimately, connect on a more engaged level with your customer base.

Founded by Kathryn Duryea Wyndowe, Year & Day has done all three things brilliantly thus far. Anchored in minimalist design principles, she has taken one of the most basic day-to-day products (that everyone needs), and has shaped a smart business in delivering straight to the right consumer. Does anyone need to reset their table setting? We went all in.

So how did Year & Day come to be?

Before Year & Day, I spent a decade working for luxury and lifestyle brands in marketing and e-commerce — after business school at Stanford. I experienced firsthand the power of digital platforms to connect companies to their customers, to make better products, more thoughtful decisions about assortment and ultimately better shopping experiences.

Where did the passion for tableware come from?

I grew up loving beautiful table settings, but as my friends and I were finding our own entertaining styles, we weren’t interested in the more old-fashioned, traditional approaches. Formality didn’t fit into our daily lives, but I still wanted to enjoy the ritual of setting my table with pieces I loved. I founded Year & Day to make it effortless to set a beautiful table everyday. Craftsmanship, timeless design, and quality materials come together in Year & Day’s products, which are designed for everyday use and are also elegant for special occasions.

How has it felt settling into CANOPY here at Jackson Square over the summer?

Settling in has been seamless and easy. We felt at home right away, especially with all of the Year & Day product being used all around us.

What is it about this place that works for you?

As founder of a growing startup, the flexibility of co-working is appealing and practical. Equally important is a beautifully designed space that resonates with the Year & Day brand aesthetic. Our team thrives at CANOPY, with amenities that are far beyond what we could achieve in our own space at this early stage. There’s also a community that aligns with our mission to nurture relationships in person. For me, the simplicity of minimal design creates a serene and calming environment, and is where I thrive most both at home and work. Although minimal design often feels effortless, it requires thoughtful, considered decisions. This focus on the essential serves as an inspiration to me.

Any favorite spots in the neighborhood?

Reveille — Cotogna — Tosca




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