For the traveling professional that’s always on the move. Access CANOPY’S shared office space and mingle in our community 60 days per year, with a 1-year commitment.


Conference Room Credits $230/month


Choose ten days per month to come in, pick a seat in one of CANOPY’S communal areas, and work from your laptop.

From $365/month

Conference Room Credits $345/month



Be a more constant member of the community, and enjoy the freedom to work in all communal work spaces as much as you want, 24/7. Come and go as you please.

From $595/month

Conference Room Credits $575/month


Work from your own fancy, dedicated Herman Miller desk, equipped with an ergonomic Sayl chair, lockable August storage, a shelving unit, and wired internet.

From $925/month

Conference Room Credits $690/month


Just the thing for your team – a private office, reassuringly enclosed by a sound-proof glass partition, and kitted out with a Herman Miller desk system.

From $2,000/month

Conference Room Credits $920/month



Make CANOPY the virtual home for your business, with a ready-made address and mail service. You can make the most of our cultural programming calendar too, with a 1-year commitment.


Common Amenities for All Members

We’d like to think we’ve reimagined the working experience through providing a truly comprehensive suite of facilities, amenities and experiences:


Cultural Programming & Events

Reception and Concierge Services

Climate Positive Workspace // We offset
1 carbon tonne per member/year

Shinola Journal & Pen

Guest Passes

Coffee Manufactory

Soda Stream

Pique Tea


Ample Natural Light

Conference Room

Board Room

Private Phone Booths

Member Events Space

Full-sized Kitchen

Herman Miller Ergonomic Furniture

24/7 Access


Wired and Wireless Internet

Mail Service

Printer/ Copier/ Scanner

HD Video Conferencing

Local and Virtual Area Networks

Tech Support

VoIP Desk Phones

Discounts with Select Business Partners

Creative Minds at Work

Transcending the design is a collective of brilliant minds pursuing their unique visions. Whether it’s finding inspiration at one of our cultural calendar events or developing a new idea in an impromptu brainstorm session in the lounge, CANOPY is a platform for opportunity. Here’s a peek into the creative careers of some of our members:


The nimble and creative ad agency known as RESIN has long called San Francisco home, albeit a second home to their Marin County stomping grounds. When we opened our doors at the end of 2016, we invited Tim Paschke and his colleagues in as some of the earliest settlers at CANOPY Pacific Heights. Always bustling and active within the space, this team focuses on creative journeys through branded campaigns in lifestyle, tech, healthcare and finance. Working in our space has helped them define their sense of design thinking and given them a new base of operations in the city.


Elise Gabriel is one of the latest additions to CANOPY, and she fully intends to disrupt the beauty industry in a positive way. Paradox, her latest brainchild, is a luxe, millennial brand focused on organic skincare that makes clean beauty the norm, and not just a gimmick. As the founder of a new beauty care startup, she is has scrutinized the prevailing practices in the skincare / beauty industries and focused her energy on how to challenge these norms for the betterment of women’s skin health and self-image.

Caffeinated Capital

It’s safe to say “caffeinated” speaks to the immense energy that keeps Raymond Tongsing inspired and always moving forward. Ironically he drinks the least amount of coffee around here. He’s an active VC, and by “active” we also mean he runs and bikes more than anyone in the community. We see him zipping around in sneakers, plugging away here and there on his laptop, and generally being top of his game. As we’ve come to learn, Raymond clearly understands the importance of nurturing talent, stimulating intellect and cultivating business in the right environment.


Curated, and on demand content and media is the brave new world that Cary Grant is a part of… a visionary business strategist who’s reshaping what you can stream through your computer or mobile device. Considerate of industry giants such as Netfix, HBO and VICE, Cary knows we’re only just starting to produce and distribute expertly targeted programming. Distilling and nurturing audiences, and understanding the greater cultural shifts that are happening in media consumption. In his words: “It’s inspiring to be part of this era…”

Amanda & Jane

We take the time to get to know our neighbors, and we’ve found that behind every curated storefront we admire is a business owner with a compelling story. Amanda Michael is a perfect example of that. One of the many entrepreneurs on Fillmore Street, she brings the neighborhood together over her house-made pastries and hand-pulled espressos. Get to know her and the goodness behind Jane—one of the best local spots in Pacific Heights.

“Design is still missing in a lot of people’s minds…”

– Tim Paschke

“I treasure the time I’m able to be in the office…”

– Elise Gabriel

“Stay aggressively open minded…”

– Raymond Tongsing

“It’s inspiring to be part of this era…”

– Cary Grant