Elise Gabriel is one of the latest additions to CANOPY in Pacific Heights, and she has the motivated intention to disrupt the beauty industry in a positive way. Paradox, her latest brain child, is a luxe and millennial brand focused on organic skincare that makes clean beauty the norm and not just a gimmick. As the new founder of a beauty care startup, she is has scrutinized the norms in the skincare/beauty industries and has focused all her energy on how these norms can be challenged for the betterment of women’s skin health and self-image.

What is it about your work and professional pursuits that demands you to think progressively?

As the Founder of a beauty startup, I’m currently obsessing over current norms in the skincare/beauty industries and how these norms can be challenged for the betterment of women’s skin health and self-image from inside out.

Where have some of your greatest inspirations come from, when you look back (or ahead for that matter)?

My most constant sources of inspiration are travel and history. I took my first solo trip as a teenager and haven’t been able to stop since. There’s something about being thrown in face-to-face with new cultures, ancients architectural wonders, the art galleries of the masters, and the stories of great people that take my mind to a place of inspiration and imagination in a way that nothing else can.

When you think of a place to focus, or a place to conduct business, what elements matter to you?

The nature of running a startup and lifestyle blog keeps me constantly traveling and on the move. Because of this, I treasure the time I’m able to be in the office and a space that helps maximize my focus is key. For me, there are three important factors in my ideal workspace; the first is natural light, the second, a design-centric space that’s free of distraction and allows my mind to focus on the work at hand, and third, spaces I can easily make a call or take a private meeting.

What’s it like working in the Fillmore neighborhood?

I live and work in Pacific Heights and have fallen in love with this chic, yet friendly neighborhood. Working on Fillmore Street is great because you’re in the heart of Pacific Heights surrounded by everything you need. I love the fact I can easily walk to Blue Bottle for coffee meetings, several great restaurants for business dinners, UPS, an Equinox, and an organic grocery store all within the stretch of few blocks.

What’s currently motivating you, professionally?

For the past several months, I’ve been living to launch my startup, Paradox. Paradox is a luxe, millennial-focused take on organic skincare that makes clean beauty the norm, instead of a gimmick. We’re launching in just a few weeks and I could not be more excited!