Member Profile: Raymond Tonsing

Safe to say “caffeinated” speaks to a certain energy that has Raymond Tonsing inspired and always moving. Ironically he drinks the least amount of coffee around here. He’s an active VC, and by “active” we also mean he runs and bikes more than anyone here at CANOPY. We see him zipping around in sneakers, plugging away here or there on his laptop, and you can tell he’s a performance-driven man. As we’ve come to learn, Raymond clearly understands the importance of nurturing talent, intellect and cultivating business in the right soil. After all, cultivating is the essence of his work.

What motivates you given the current climate/market as a VC, and what does it mean to be agile in your space?

I’m continually motivated by the incredible founders I back. Spend a few hours with my portfolio founders, and you’ll have enough motivation to last several lifetimes. Being agile in my business means being bold.

How do you define the progressive factor in your line of work?

It’s defined by our ability to listen and stay aggressively open minded. That’s the key to my business. I work hard to train these tasks to muscle memory.

How did CANOPY become a good fit for your work and practice?

CANOPY is a second office for me — close to home for the days I want to walk to work and have zero interruptions. It’s a great place to have certain meetings.

How do you describe the place to people?

It’s a really elegant space, and it seems to make my work more enjoyable.

The neighborhood?

Walkability is off the charts, and it makes hitting my iWatch move goals an after thought. Food, gifts, notaries, post office, cocktails, State Bird Provisions, The Progress. The neighborhood is a gem.

It’s 2017. What’s the real aim this year?

To continue to backing world-class entrepreneurs that are all innovating so meaningfully — while scaling Caffeinated Capital.