Plum Alley

Please join Plum Alley on Wednesday, October 16th at our private showcase of two exciting and innovative companies representing two growing trends in the healthcare space. Auransa is leading the way in precision medicine with their AI-enabled drug discovery platform that allows them to identify new drug compounds for clinical testing in a fraction of the time and costs of traditional methods. Founder & CEO Dr. Pek Lum, PhD, will be on-site to discuss how her company is disrupting big pharma and paving the way for a new model of personalized patient care. Shine is a category leader in emotional health and wellbeing and is primed to become the go-to brand for individuals seeking to take proactive control of their mental health. Through their Shine mobile app, texting platform and global community, the company has amassed over 4M users in just three years of operation. Shine Co-Founders & Co-CEOs Naomi Hirabayashi and Marah Lidey will give a product demo to show how their idea for a proactive community established around mental health has taken off and inspired users around the world to get their Shine on.




CANOPY Jackson Square


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