Searching for Life in the Universe with National Geographic

The search for life out there is a fundamental human question: Are we alone in the Universe? But how do we do it? In this presentation, I will be discussing the different modalities of how researchers are tackling this very large question from detecting biosignatures on exoplanets, to searching for signs of technology using large radio telescopes. I will also be discussing my own research at the University of California, Berkeley with their SETI Research Center, on assessing Earth’s own technosignature. Lastly, I will briefly discuss using the excitement of space-science and exploration to empower underserved youth around the world to think critically and pursue higher-learning, with a National Geographic funded project called the Ad Astra Academy – an initiative under the non-profit Blue Marble Space organization.

Donation links:

SETI at Berkeley

Ad Astra Academy

Blue Marble Space

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4pm – 5pm




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