We have evolved our operational protocols and membership bylaws to ensure the best level of safety while maintaining as comfortable and inspiring a working environment as possible. The key areas of change you will notice are:


  • Surfaces in shared areas will be wiped down with EPA-approved disinfectants with frequency.
  •  R-Zero Arc provides hospital-grade disinfection through the power of UV-C light. Arc can disinfect the air and surfaces in a 1,000 square foot space in just 7 minutes by inactivating or destroying 99.99% of microorganisms that could cause illness.
  • Airpura UV614 air purifier units installed throughout common areas with HEPA and UV filtration down to 0.3 microns, and with 6 exchanges of air per hour to enable 99.9%+ efficacy against aerosol viruses.
  • Expanded sanitation products and wipes with hands-free sanitizer.
  • Members are highly encouraged to ask for additional spot cleaning as often as they wish and we will make every effort to accommodate timely.
  • Windows and door left open (weather permitting) to maximize ventilation with fresh air.
  • Contactless infrared thermometers onsite for voluntary use.
Scheduled down time between each conference room booking to enable cleaning before/after each reservation.
All members as well as staff required to remain home if experiencing any signs of illness.


We understand that long term commitments are difficult now and thus we offer flexible options for various commitment lengths.

How many of your employees need a dedicated desk daily? We can help you configure your private office so that workstations are right sized to fit your prevailing needs.

If your office is too small to guarantee physical distancing and you will need extra space, we have larger private offices to accommodate you; combine with additional workstations in shared or semi-private areas for added flexibility and savings.

Mid-sized HQ + regional teams
Working from home can be distracting, but working closer to home has a positive impact on productivity and a lighter environmental impact which helps solidify a work-life balance. We have various membership levels on a month to month basis. You can also book our meeting room space when Zoom calls are inefficient.

Running an office is a service
As an office operator, we make sure all the health & safety regulations are in place so our members can focus on their businesses.

Increased Wi-Fi speed
With fiber optic connections to ensure your video conferences run smoothly.

Fresh air
Every room in our FiDi and Pacific Heights location have operable windows and our Jackson Square location offers ample outdoor workspace with 4 terraces to enjoy fresh air, views, and more spacing.