Asylum Access Refugee Screening and Panel

Hot Dogs Movie Poster 1

CANOPY is thrilled to invite you to join us for a short documentary screening + panel discussion with Bay Area nonprofit Asylum Access, one of the leading refugee human rights organizations worldwide.

Asylum Access partnered with HOME StoryTellers and award-winning videographer Ed Kashi to film and produce a short documentary about one of Asylum Access’s clients in Mexico. The documentary was featured at the 2019 Berlin Short Film Festival and recently won an Award of Excellence at the ImpactDoc Awards. “Hot Dogs on a Tricycle” follows the story of Mario, a young refugee who fled gang violence in El Salvador and found safety and a new life in Mexico.

Asylum Access is a global refugee human rights organization on the front lines of the refugee displacement crisis in Mexico and elsewhere. They help thousands of families find safety and rebuild their lives. All around the world, they’re giving refugees information on their options, fighting to get them out of detention and stop them from being deported, assisting them through the asylum process and helping them find jobs. Asylum Access believes all refugees deserve a fair chance at a new life. This event is donation-based on a sliding scale of $10-$20.




CANOPY Jackson Square


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