The Pitch

The Pitch

CANOPY Super Stars


My name is Jillian Manus. Most of the time I am a Managing Partner of an early-stage tech fund, Structure fact, a proud investor into Canopy as well as a tenant. However, a few days a quarter, I am a co-host VC of a business podcast called The Pitch. WSJ called us ” the antithesis to Shark Tank”, most likely because we are not predatory.. and invest education into these pitches not just …you fill in the blank.


Gimlet/Spotify’s is presently in the midst of casting for their next season. They’re looking for startup founders who already have a lead investor in their seed round and just need one final push to close out the round. And even though you probably don’t need any help closing out this round, when the episode goes live it will often stir up investor interest in a future round of fundraising. I wanted for my Canopy “family” to get on the producer’s radar sooner then here goes!


Who: You might be a good fit for the show if, you have a lead investor and you’re looking to close out the rest of your round and get back to business.  We’re looking for founders who thrive in high-pressure situations.


When: December 5th or 6th in Brooklyn, NY.  We would need them for ~2 hours on one of those days.


Why: The Pitch is one of those rare media opportunities where a founder can give the full picture of what makes their business unique. Each episode tells the in-depth story (30-40 minutes) of one founder’s pitch to investors and we’ve amassed a small army of 85k entrepreneurs, investors, potential employees who listen intently to every episode. If you fit the bill, so to speak, send your one-paragraph pitch to the executive producer Josh Muccio at (not me). He makes the decisions, but you can reference me.